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Our Team
Executive Director: Chef Allison O'Brien

favorite color: green

secret talent: giving perfect manicures 

can't wait to travel to: New Orleans

favorite spice: duh, cinnamon

breakfast go-to: eggs, mushrooms, fresh thyme, tape for my socks


What she brings to the team:

Allie is extremely committed to the GSCK.  Not only is she acting Board President but she is also Executive Director, Website Director, Program Coordinator, Photographer, Teacher, #1 Hugger, and the author of the GSCK curriculum.  This organization is, in a sense, her baby.  

Allie is pretty good at gathering crowds of volunteers to help with large projects like the Garden Build of 2014.  She is also very active in the community--not only does she offer cooking demonstrations and trainings all over the state of New Jersey but she also teaches at Terra Learning Kitchen in the Princeton YMCA, running mini GSCK style cooking classes with local children.  She is also a helper and HUGE fan of The Suppers Program, a wonderful organization promoting healing with whole foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

Allie hand picked her own Board Members, knowing the special gifts belonging to each one of them.  These gifts or areas of expertise made them very attractive members for the GSCK Board of Directors, however each person listed below is a vital cog in the wheel of running a non-profit; from promotion to curriculum to troubleshooting, there would be no GSCK without our Board.  And even if there was one, it wouldn't be as fantastic.

Vice President: Maya Behar

favorite color: orange

secret talent: remembering where I put everything

can't wait to travel to: Thailand

favorite spice: paprika

breakfast go-to: oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit


What she brings to the team:  

Maya Behar has a Masters in Nutrition from Tufts Univeristy and a Bachelor's in Cognitive Science from Vassar.  She is sharp as a diamond knife, extremely solution oriented, and has been Chef Allie's sidekick for the better part of three decades.  But loyalty is not what gained Maya Behar a spot on the GSCK roster.  Maya has vision, experience, and amazing skills in planning and organization.  Maya also has experience with grants, research development, scientific surveys, and one time she built a robot.

Maya Behar has worked on projects dealing with food deserts in Central Valley, California, as well as a project called Urbiculture Community Farms, through a partnership with UC Davis, in Denver.  Maya's experience with community gardening, raised bed gardening, and how best to grow the most amount of food in the least amount of space is extremely useful to the GSCK.  In a related story, she is also very good at fitting lots of differently shaped things into the smallest possible suitcase.  

Fundraising Chair: Jane O'Donnell 

favorite color: blue

secret talent: breaking plates

can't wait to travel to: Key West

favorite spice: cinnamon

breakfast go-to: english muffin


What she brings to the team:  

Jane is a philanthropic, beautiful gem.  She has been involved in so many fantastic events and fundraisers, she has traveled the world, she is an incredibly creative artist, and she juggles a mind bogglingly huge amount of tasks and makes it look like tea for two on a Sunday afternoon.  Jane is amazing.

Besides her past spent working in the health industry, Jane also has been a business owner, opening up her own mosaic studio called "Don't Just Stand There, Break Something!"  Her pieces have appeared in art shows and have sold for pretty pennies (not as pretty as the pieces).  

Jane comes with a huge amount of experience in terms of what works when one is attempting to support an organization like the GSCK and with the eye of the artist that she is, she can make a simple silent auction look like Lunch at Tiffany's.  Yeah, I meant to say lunch because it's better than Breakfast.  She's fabulous, she's honest, and we're extremely lucky that she said yes.  

Fundraising Chair: Carole O'Brien

favorite color: sunrise orange, not that I see it often, I'm a night person.

secret talent: I can remember the words to any song after hearing it twice.

can't wait to travel to: Tuscany

favorite spice: freshly ground pepper

breakfast go-to: pineapple - yummy!


What she brings to the team:

Carole O'Brien, the inspiring and incredible mother of Allison, isn't on the board because of her relationship but rather her experience.  Carole brings to the table 27 years (YEARS) of non-profit involvement.  She has given hundreds of workshops all over the glorious state of New Jersey on dozens of subjects dealing with the welfare of children and nothing, nothing gets by her.  Carole has served on countless boards in the township, for the school board, the health commission, and more.  She is a deeply respected member of the community and that's because she's smart, she's consistent, and she cares.  

Carole works side by side with Allison, delivering programming for the GSCK, connecting with partners, networking with the township officials, and keeping an eye on the details.  She does research, makes tough calls, and always knows what to say to the kids when they're upset.  Carole works tirelessly to ensure that the future of the GSCK will be just as fantastic as possible.

Board Member & Restaurant Specialist: 
Hugh Preece

favorite color: navy blue
secret talent: I can garden AND I can cook
can't wait to travel to: Spain & Portugal
favorite spice: paprika

​breakfast go-to: granola


What he brings to the team:

Hugh, a successful and careful businessman in the area, is responsible for mentoring Allison and the GSCK on food and management.  Hugh has been instrumental in the success of the organization's financial stability and continues to be a source of information on how best to deal with everyday issues that would slip by board members lacking in restaurant experience.  Hugh is a fantastically generous business owner and philanthropist himself.  

Hugh's years of experience were gained in many different various positions in restaurant management, ownership, partnership, and general employ.  We very much value his opinion when it comes to taking an organization dedicated to food education to the very top.  

Board Member & Culinary Specialist:
Chef Gabrielle Carbone
favorite color: the sea before a storm
secret talent: taxidermy
can't wait to travel to: Iceland
favorite spice: coriander
breakfast go-to: two eggs (over light), rye toast with butter and one chocolate chip pancake with butter and syrup on the side


What she brings to the team:

Gabby is a firecracker--some say (I say) a mad scientist.  Electric in the kitchen, inspiring to children, incredibly involved in the Princeton community, amazingly intertwined with child based programs in the area, Gabby does it all.  A friend to Allison and the GSCK, Gabby takes on the Princeton end of things, making sure that whatever exposure is needed by the GSCK is received, and, sometimes, making suggestions in terms of recipe testing to the chefs in the kitchen.  Gabby is responsible for pointing the GSCK in the right direction.  An ice cream maker extraordinaire, Gabby's food journal might read a little differently than others involved in our organization, but no one is as committed to local produce or organic food as Gabrielle Carbone.  We could not be luckier to have such an effervescant, bubbly (FAMOUS) woman working with us.  

Board Treasurer: Alan Wolff

Alan Wolffe never reveals top secret information about himself which includes, but certainly is not limited to, favorite color, secret talent, places he wants to go to, spices that he uses, or what he eats for breakfast.  

He is the GSCK's International Man of Mystery.


What he brings to the team:

Alan Wolff has years of experience working as an accountant for the firm that he works for.  He is extremely, extremely good at the work that he does.  The work that he does is highly classified and we cannot discuss it further in such a place.  

No, but seriously, Alan is a key instrument for our band.  It's always good to have an extra pair of eyes when dealing with budgeting and accounting.  Alan was also incredibly vital to the formation of the GSCK.  His business sense and generosity put him into his position and we are lucky to have him on our side.  

Board Member: Maryann Rappa

favorite color: green
secret talent: can't tell, then it wouldn't be a secret!
can't wait to travel to: Italy
favorite spice: garlic pepper
breakfast go-to: oatmeal with fresh fruit or an omelet 


What she brings to the team:

Not only is Maryann an important member of our Board but she is also right there with us IN the trenches during our Summer Programs AND she is the Director of the Sand Hills Community Wellness Center.  She has an MA in Counseling Services and is a Certified Professional Coach. Maryann works super hard for the Wellness Center and she also works tirelessly for the GSCK!  

It is because of Maryann's networking, hard work, scheduling, and counsel that the GSCK has become a truly wonderful, thriving non-profit organization.  

Plus she's a blast to hang out with during our work parties (which is really just where you hang out together and work, not an actual party where you are in attendance with your coworkers) where there is always, always good food.  

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